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Greetings Mission Planners,

Tax Day has come and gone - and so has the posting of the new EChum for May.  You can download the raw data from NGA here, or download the processed files from the MPSSF here

After some permutations, the CSDB SIPRNET website on the SIPRNET (used to download threat parametrics) seems to be stable at  If you're planning on a classified system then you owe it to yourself (or perhaps the person you're planning for) to plan with "real" threat data. 

The briefing slides from the Mission Planning User's Conference are no longer posted on line, but they're still available from the MPSSF if you need them.  Hopefully they'll be back on the site (albeit in a less obtrusive location) shortly.

Mission Planning Tip: CFPS MTR's

Last time I discussed how to display and use MTR's in FalconView.  Today I'll follow up with how to use MTR's and the MTR Wizard in CFPS.  You can use FalconView to look at MTR's, but you'll use CFPS when you're ready to fly on an MTR..

We'll continue with the same example I used last time - flying IR344 after departing McChord AFB..

Typing "ir344" in CFPS' "Fix/Point" field and hitting enter brings up the MTR Wizard:

The Wizard helps you insert an MTR segment in a flight plan.  In this case the wizard's loaded IR344.  In the lower left corner you can switch between "Primary Routing" and "Customize Routing".  Primary Routing uses the MTR's primary entry and exit points.  Customize Routing lets you select the entry and exit points.  I selected "Customize Routing" because most of the route prior to turnpoint F1 is a high altitude penetration.  With "Customized Routing" selected pressing Next lets you select the entry point:

After selecting your entry point you select your exit point:

Press the button for "Track Info..." button for a more detailed MTR description then you get from FalconView:

After selecting your routing you get a last chance to review it.  When you press "Finished" you'll insert the points into your flight plan:

When you return to CFPS all the MTR points will be automatically inserted:

What if you can't remember the name of the MTR route you want - or can't figure out how CFPS wants you to enter the MTR name ("IR057", not "IR57").  Right click on a new point and select "Search Database..."

Now search for "ir" (or "sr" or "vr") in the MTR search database:

You'll get a list of the closest IR routes.  Select one and you'll go to the MTR wizard.

There's one more way to search for MTR's.  Enter a point near where you want to enter the MTR and select New Point using "SNAP TO" Closest Point and then select "MTR (IR/SR/VR)...":

You'll get a list of the closest MTR entry points:

When you select a point and click OK you'll go to the MTR Wizard:

Of course you'll need to use CFPS and FalconView together.  CFPS does a great job of adding an MTR segment to your flight plan and FalconView does a great job of displaying the MTR routes you'll cross during your low level.