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Greetings Mission Planners,

A friendly reminder that if you're having problems printing these emails the problem is with Outlook.  This is a known Microsoft Bug and you'll find details at;en-us;287768.  You should be able to print successfully from the web version.  If you haven't been to the MPSSF's compilation of tips go to and check it out.  You'll find all the tips from May 2002 until today and it's easy to find older tips there..  

While you're at the MPSSF's website you should register for the Mission Planners Users Conference (MPUC) at  MPUC is set for the week of February 9th 2004 in Las Vegas.  This is your best chance to see what's going on in Mission Planning and provide direct feedback to the folks who represent you at the MAJCOM, Service or Organization level.  

Mission Planning Tip:  "High Resolution" TIROS Maps

Every PFPS user is familiar with the TIROS maps - they're the maps you see when you first start FalconView.  Installing PFPS also installs TIROS maps at Worldwide, 16km, 8km and 4km resolutions.  What many/most people don't realize is that the PFPS Supplemental Map CD includes TIROS maps at 2km and 1km resolution.

This is an example of 4km TIROS, the highest resolution loaded with a PFPS install:

This is an example of 2km TIROS from the Supplemental Maps CD:

This is 1km TIROS:

The 1km data is similar in resolution to the 1:5M GNC chart:

The 2km Worldwide TIROS dataset takes approximately 78MB of disk space and the 1km Worldwide TIROS takes approximately 370MB of disk space.  The 2km data is really nice because it fills the wide jump in scale from 4km TIROS to a 1:5M GNC.  The 1km maps look great, but aren't as useful since we already have a product at nearly the same scale.  I recommend loading the 2km data on each PC instead of on a central map server to help improve performance.  The one place where the 1km data can be very useful is in the Polar regions.  FalconView's CADRG coverage stops at 80N and 80S because it doesn't support Polar CADRG but the 1km TIROS data can be viewed up and down to the poles.

Could more be done with TIROS data?  You bet.  To see some other types of data available today go to NASA's Blue Marble website at:  Below is an example of a night TIROS view.  You can see Doha (the one in Qatar), Kuwait City, Bahrain and Dhahran (and the causeway connecting them). 

Take advantage of all the TIROS data you already have.  You don' t have to order anything, just find that Supplemental Map CD...